Don't Panic

Chiddingfold does not have

Only some parts of the village gets floods

In 1987 the electric was off for 10 days we managed

Most people in the village do not live hand to mouth
waiting for their next benefit cheque to buy food

This is just the start this page and others will expand
this page has no graphics to be read by mobile phones and those without broadband

Important Phone numbers etc.

Eagle Radio 96.4 - Best local coverage in January 2010 snow

Electricity Outage Check 08457 708090

SSE Networks Outages

Chemists   Pharmacies

Met OfficeSevere weather impact links page.


Local Weather from the BBC - with Graphics

December 3, 2010

For life-threatening emergencies please dial 999.

For general emergency information, please visit the Waverley Borough Council website -

December 1, 2010

The Government recommendation for the public on snow clearing and self-help in the snow’
This recommendation can be referred to if you need to dispel any rumours concerning adverse liability if people try to clear the snow:

Guide to Driving in Snow and Ice

November 28, 2010

The Electric Off

If you see any damage to our equipment, please stay back, don’t touch it and instead report it to us directly by calling 105, or via our Power Track website, and our engineers will investigate as soon as possible.
Can I ask that you support by sharing the following messages with your communities: to help them prepare for the possibility of disruption to supplies by:

To find out more about the PSR, click here or call 0800 294 3259.

Are the torch , candles matches - easy to find in the dark?
LED lights (usually for camping) are very bright and designed as conventional torches or as hands-free hanging or free-standing lamps.

Hands free and walk around phones joined to the landline do not work
Have a conventional non powered plug in phone

Mobile Phones can be charged using an in car charger - or some wind up torches ....or a wind-up charger
sort out which connectors when there is light

Car Starter Packs have car cigarette plugs - into which can go mobile phone chargers, florescent work lights and many other things which can be used in a car

Car cigarette lighters to USB adatators exist


If using a propane or butane camping stove inside, make sure they are placed on a safe surface, away from childrens’ reach and that the room is well-ventilated.

If you think you can not live with out bread and milk
UHT milk keeps,
milk will also keep in the freezer

Bread can be frozen

If you think the power will go off eat from the freezer before power goes off
when power off keep freezer shut

Tinned food generally does not need cooking
try cold baked beans with a bit of hot lime pickle

Use camping stoves
To save fuel - use a wide neck flask - pre heat with SMALL quantity of hot water
start to cook food when boiling well - tip out hot water from flask pour hot food into flask screw down top
I have cooked lentils like this in 6 hours
Don't forget men used to take their tea to work in a flask one boil stayed hot over half a day



Don't wear tight jeans - trousers
the cloth gets cold the gap between body and cloth insulates.

Wellington boots - need not be cold
make insoles place your foot on layers of newspaper tear to shape
put into boots